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It’s been a journey to be here…


and I couldn’t be more excited and terrified. Inspired by motherhood, a desire to be more expressive and a strong female role model for my daughter, I started an exploration inward searching for my calling and creative life. Everything i’ve learned has brought me to this moment. I’m here to remember what life is all about. To write, to move, to laugh, to be heard and to shine.

It’s been a continual journey to break free from the norm and search for my own definition of what it means to be fulfilled, a women and a mother.

My first work is part table magazine part poetry book titled Roots In The Tide. This work was meant to be experienced as a whole - through words, design and visuals. It invites you on a journey through motherhood, femininity, self-expression and a creative freedom we all desire.

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The Book


It’s all about connection


creativity and feeding your soul. What good is your art if you don’t put it out there right? Join me weekly for a douce of inspiration, poetry, thoughts and a genuine desire to connect with you because

life can get busy…

So often we’re left in the wake of “busy” with no time for ourselves, our passions or just simple us time. Let’s make a deal to connect with ourselves and check in each week making space for inspiration, reflection and self-care to keep us filled up and ready for next week!

Learn more and sign-up at the link below.

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